MTH 141A: Calculus with Foundations

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MTH 140A

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This course is the second course of the MTH 140A, MTH 141A secquence. Both MTH 140A and MTH 141A integrate the learning of calculus with precalculus mathematics. They are intended for students who lack the algebra and trigonometry skills necessary to perform successfully in MTH 141. MTH 140A is a strict prerequsite for MTH 141A. If you have not taken MTH 140A you cannot take MTH 141A (you should take MTH 141 instead).

Note: Students who receive credit for any of MTH 141-143, MTH 161-165, or MTH 171-174 will not receive credit for MTH 140A or MTH 141A if taken subsequently.

Topics covered

The two course sequence MTH 140A and MTH 141A covers all the material in MTH 141 together with a thorough presentation of the standard precalculus material. Once MTH 141A is complete students move on to MTH 142.

See Comparing the Calculus Sequences.