Spring 2017: MTH 236H

Emmy Noether The founder of modern abstract algebra, 1882-1935. More pictures

Sophie Germain 1776-1831. More pictures

Sir Andrew Wiles AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast. More pictures

[Leonhard Euler] 1707-1783. More pictures

Niels Henrik Abel 1802-1829. More pictures

Evariste Galois 1811-1832. More pictures

Pierre de Fermat 1601-1665. More pictures

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Links you should look at

Our textbook,
A First Course in Abstract Algebra, Seventh Edition
by John B. Fraleigh

pdf file
Cayley Graphs
Wallpaper groups
Burnside's formula
Fermat's last theorem
The Abel Prize and Fields Medal
Sophie Germain Page
The 18th-century woman who assumed a man's identity in order to pursue her passion for mathematics
Biographies of mathematicians
Life stories of hundreds of mathematicians across the centuries.
Click on "Full Mac Tutor biography" after finding the person you want.
Mathematical Aphrodisiac
You have to try this.
Archimedes Palimpsest Page
How medieval monks almost destroyed a priceless mathematical treasure.
Andre Weil's review of Eisenstein's collected works, including his fairy tale about Eisenstein's birth.
Wolfram's Cayley graph page


Homework assignment 3
(The other homework assignments are on the syllabus page.)
Homework assignment 4