Spring 2017: Intro to Topology (MTH 240)

Elizabeth Vidaurre
Hylan 1001
elizabeth.vidaurre @ rochester.edu
Office Hours : Mon 2-3, Tues 11-12, 1-2
Class Time
MW 12:30–1:45 in Hylan 105
Dionel Jaime
djaime @ u.rochester.edu
Thursdays 2-3 math lounge (9th floor)
Topology by James Munkres, 2nd Ed.


Midterm Exam
In class 12:30–1:45 on Mar 8
Covering §1-3, §5, §12-19
Final Exam
In class 8:30am on Tues May 9


Homework 30%
Midterm Exam 25%
Presentation 5%
Final Exam 40%

Assignments will be posted HERE. They are due in class. The lowest homework will be dropped. Late homework will not be accepted. You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with one another. However, each of you must write up your solutions independently.
The exams will have problems very similar to those in the homework assignments. See here for more details.
On the last day of class, you will present in groups a topic not covered in class. Ideally, the presentations will be on some application of topology. There are applications in robotics, data recognition software, neuroscience, data analysis, and others. See here for more details.
You are expected to attend class and take exams as scheduled. In the event of an excused absence, the final may replace the midterm grade if the instructor is contacted before the midterm. If you miss the final exam without a valid & well-documented explanation then you will automatically fail the course.