Actuarial Career Advice

There are many resources dealing with actuarial careers. For example, look at this blog.

UR Alumni in the Actuarial World

The following alumni have volunteered to help advise current UR undergraduates about actuarial careers. If you are a UR student, feel free to contact them about actuarial internships, actuarial careers, or other questions you may have about the profession.

Gabriel Wittenberg, ASA (2013)
New York Life
Andrew Yagnatovsky, ASA (2009)
New York Life
Kevin McGettrick, FSA (2006?)
New York Life
Joshua Factor, (2014)
Joseph Maher, (2013)
Kenneth Gordon, (2016)
Laurel Brown, (2016?)

Actuarial Pages at other Universities

Local jobs and resources from SOA

Link to SOA Explorer