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Math 549 Elliptic Cohomology

Fall, 2003

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Instructor Information

Instructor: Office Hours: Email:
Doug Ravenel Hylan 918
Phone: 275-9421

Class Meetings

CRN  Time  Place 
TR 2:00-3:15 Hylan 1101 
Occasional alternate
times to be announced


(you will need Adobe Acrobat or a 
dvi driver to read some of these)
Tranparencies of September 4
Various formulas for modular forms and elliptic curves.
M. Hopkins: Algebraic topology and modular forms
(Talk at the 2002 ICM, Beijing)
Formal Group Laws
(Appendix 2 to Ravenel's book Complex cobordism and stable homotopy groups of spheres) DVI PS PDF
(The first page of each of these files is blank.)

Abel picture Niels Abel 1802-1829


Jacobi picture

Gustav Jacobi 1804-1851

Weierstrass picture

Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstrass 1815-1897

Adams picture

John Frank Adams 1930-1989


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