One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work as a mathematician is collaboration with wonderful people all over the world. In parantheses next to each name is a general description of the type of work we collaborated on. The current total is 68.

J.S. Aldridge, University of Wisconsin-Madison (medical physics)

Mike Bennett (number theory) former Ph.D. Student at the University of Rochester
Philip Birklbauer (combinatorics/number theory) University of Rochester
Luca Brandolini (analysis) University of Bergamo, Italy

Jeremy Chapman (number theory) Lyons College
Javier Cilleruelo (number theory) University of Madrid (deceased)
Leonardo Colzani (analysis) University of Milan, Italy
David Covert (number theory) University of Missouri-St. Louis

Laura DeCarli (analysis) Florida International University

Burak Erdogan (analysis) University of Illinois
Suresh Eswarathasan (analysis) University of Cardiff, Wales

E.E. Fitchard (medical physics) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Julia Garibaldi (combinatorics) Georgia Institute of Technology
Dan Geba (analysis) University of Rochester
Giaccomo Gigante (analysis) University of Bergamo, Italy
Steve Gonek (number theory) University of Rochester
Loukas Grafakos (analysis) University of Missouri
Allan Greenleaf (analysis) University of Rochester

Doug Haessig (number theory) University of Rochester
Kyle Hambrook (analysis) University of Rochester
Derrick Hart (number theory and analysis) Rockhurst University
Steve Hofmann (analysis) University of Missouri

Philippe Jaming (analysis) University of Orleans, France
Hadi Jorati (analysis and combinatorics) University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Nets Katz (analysis and combinatorics) CalTech
Doowon Koh (analysis and number theory) Chungbuk University, Korea
Mihalis Kolountzakis (analysis, number theory and combinatorics) University of Crete
Sergei Konyagin (combinatorics) Moscow State University
Ben Krause (analysis) University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Izabella Laba (analysis and combinatorics) University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Bochen Liu (analysis) University of Rochester
Elijah Liflyand (analysis) Bar-Ilan University
Allen Liu (analysis, number theory) MIT
Guozhen Lu (analysis) Wayne State University
Ben Lund (combinatorics) Rutgers University

T.R. Mackie (medical physics) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mate Matolcsi (analysis) Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Azita Mayeli (analysis) CUNY
Judy Miller (analysis) Georgetown University
Hannah Morgan (combinatorics) University of Chicago
Mihalis Mourgoglou (analysis and combinatorics) CRM Barcelona
Brendan Murphy (number theory and combinatorics) University of Rochester

G.H. Olivera (medical physics) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jonathan Pakianathan (analysis, number theory and combinatorics) University of Rochester
Eyvindur Palsson (analysis and combinatorics) Virginia Tech University
Jonathan Passant (combinatorics) University of Rochester
Steen Pedersen (analysis and combinatorics) Wright State University
Yorgis Petridis (combinatorics) University of Georgia
Anatoly Podkorytov (analysis and number theory) Steklov Institute, St. Petersburgh, Russia

P.J. Reckwerdt (medical physics) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alex Rice (number theory) University of Rochester
Sinai Robins, (number theory, combinatorics) Brown University
Oliver Roche-Newton (combinatorics) University of Bristol
Svetlana Roudenko (analysis) George Washington University
Misha Rudnev (analysis and combinatorics) University of Bristol

Eric Sawyer (analysis) McMaster University
Andreas Seeger (analysis) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steven Senger (analysis and combinatorics) Missouri State University
Igor Shparlinski (combinatorics and number theory) University of New South Wales
Josef Solymosi (combinatorics) University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Terry Tao (analysis and combinatorics) UCLA
Krystal Taylor (analysis and number theory) Ohio State University
Vladimir Ten (combinatorics) University of Bristol
Giancarlo Travaglini (analysis and number theory) University of Milan

Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero (analysis and combinatorics) Michigan State University

Daniel Weidinger (analysis and number theory) University of Missouri

Maosheng Xiong (number theory and combinatorics) Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology

Yujia Zhai (combinatorics) Cornell