MATH 238 FALL 2016

Instructor: Alex Iosevich
Email: or
Office: Hylan 909
Grading: Homework (%30) Midterm 1 (%20) Midterm 2 (%20) Final (%30)
Office hours: MWF 9 a.m.-10:25 a.m. and by appointment
Textbook: Erdos Distance Problem, by Garibaldi, Iosevich and Senger

Exam dates: The first midterm is on Wednesday, October 5, in class.

Class notes: We are going to follow the book very closely. When deviations take place, I will hand out notes.

Review sessions: I am going to run periodic review sessions to discuss the particularly interesting and difficult aspects of the material.

Discussion group: I am going to start a group on Facebook dedicated to the discussion of the material in this class. Those of you who are not on facebook can send your comments directly to me, if you wish, and I will post them.

Expectations: This is an advanced course and I expect you to approach it like professionals. This includes the following:

i) I expect the attendance to be at or near %100.
ii) I expect you to know all the material from the previous lectures throughout the semester. This is necessary to follow the lectures.
iii) I expect you to read the material we are going to cover ahead of time.
iv) I expect all the electronic devices to be off during class and attention focused squarely on the blackboard.
v) I expect you to ask questions in class and suggest alternative approaches to proofs.

Homework #1

Homework #2

Homework #3

Homework #4

Homework #6

Homework #7

Homework #8

Exam #1

Exam #2

Final Project