Complex Analysis Math 467 Spring 2019

Instructor: Alex Iosevich, Hylan 909,

Grader: Bai Lin, Hylan 910,

Class time: MW 10:25-11:40

Office hours: 1:00-2:00 p.m. and by appointment

Grading: Homework %20, two midterms, %20 each, and the final exam %40. Additionally, in order to pass the class, every student must turn in corrections for every problem on the homework and the the midterms they did not get the perfect score on. Homework will be assigned every Monday and collected the following Monday.

Expectations: The material to be covered during the lectures will be announced ahead of time. Each student is expected to work through this material before class. The students are expected to attend every lecture unless compelling circumstances dictate otherwise.

Class Notes: I shall endeavor to post class notes before each class. 

January 23 

January 28

January 30

February 4

February 6

February 11

February 18- this lecture was taken straight from the book, pages 58-62. This is mostly a review of undergraduate analysis.

February 20-this lecture was taken straight from the book, pages 62-73.

February 25

February 27

March 4

March 18

March 25

March 27

April 3

April 8

Homework assignments:

Homework 1, due Monday, January 28 Homework 1 solutions

Homework 2, due Monday, February 4 Homework 2 solutions

Homework 3, due Monday, February 11 Homework 3 solutions

Homework 4, due Monday, February 25 Homework 4 solutions

Homework 5, due Monday, March 4 Homework 5 solutions

Homework 6, due Monday, March 18

Homework 7, due Monday, April 1 Homework 7 solutions

Homework 8, due Monday, April 8

Homework 9, due Monday, April 15

Homework 10, due Monday, April 29