Jie Zhong

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Office 1008 Hylan Building
Phone: (585) 276-6871
Fax: (585) 273-4655
E-mail: jie.zhong at rochester period edu

Office hours

Courses I’m teaching this semester (Spring 2018)


Stochastic differential equations and stochastic partial differential equations; Machine learning and optimizations.

My publications

  1. Stochastic evolution systems with constant coefficients (joint work with Lototsky). J. Stoch PDE: Anal. Comp. 1(4) (2013), pp 687-711

  2. The parametrix method for skew diffusions (joint work with Kohatsu-Higa and Taguchi). Potential Anal. 45(2) (2016), pp 299-329

  3. Observability Inequality of Backward Stochastic Heat Equations for Measurable Sets and Its Applications (joint work with Yang). SIAM J. Control Optim., 54(3) (2016), pp 1157-1175

  4. Hardy’s uncertainty principle and unique continuation property for stochastic heat equations (joint work with Fernandez-Bertolin, submitted). arXiv:1605.01490

  5. Hardy’s uncertainty principle and unique continuation property for stochastic Schrodinger equations (join work with Fernandez-Bertolin, in preparation).

  6. Asynchronous parallel empirical variance guided algorithms for the thresholding bandit problem (joint work with Huang and Liu, submitted). arXiv:1704.04567

  7. Ease.ml: Towards Multi-tenant Resource Sharing for Machine Learning Workloads (joint work with Li, Liu, Wu and Zhang, submitted) arXiv:1708.07308 to appear in VLDB 2018.

  8. Optimal Actuator Location of the Minimum Norm Controls for Stochastic Heat Equations (joint work with Yang, submitted) arXiv:1710:06079