Math 152 - Section 208 - 2014W Term 2 (Jan.-Apr. 2015)

Linear Systems

Instructor: Kyle Hambrook
Email: hambrook at math dot ubc dot ca
Lectures: TuTh at 8:00-9:30 AM in MATX 1100.
Office Hours:
Exam Period:
April 16 at 1-5 PM in LSK 300 (beside the MLC)
Non-Exam Period:
Monday 1-2 in MATH 225
Thursday 12:30-2 in GEOG 214
February 4 and March 18 Only: 3:30-5 in LSK 300B
I'm always available right after class to answer questions about the lectures, homework, etc.
If you need to talk to me one-on-one, please email me to make an appointment.

Final Exam

Monday April 20 at 12:00-2:30 in SRC (google "UBC SRC" to find the building).

Information about the final is on the Common Course Website.

Exam Period Office Hours: April 16 at 1-5 PM in LSK 300 (beside the MLC)

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Common Course Website, Course Outline, and Learning Goals

Common Course Website
This website contains important information for all sections of the course. Please make sure you read it and check it regularly.

Course Outline
This document has some basic course information. It also lists what material and which sections of the textbook we will cover each week.

Learning Goals
This page contains detailed learning goals. It explains the specific skills and principles you are expected to learn and demonstrate on exams.


The course textbook is the set of free online notes here.

There are also some supplementary notes on the common course webpage.

As we cover material in class, you should read and do the problems in the corresponding sections of the textbook at home. The course outline
lists what material and which sections we will cover each week.

Optional Extra Textbook: “Introduction to Linear Algebra for Science and Engineering” by Norman and Wolczuk. Available in the bookstore.

Grading Scheme

Your grade normally will be computed based on the following formula:
50% Final Exam + 15% First Midterm + 15% Second Midterm + 10% Webwork Homework + 10% Computer Labs.


Midterm 1: Thursday, February 5 in class.
Midterm 2: Thursday, March 19 in class.

Missing a midterm without penalty normally requires either a medical reason (with documentation from a physician) or an absence to play a varsity sport (with documentation from a coach).


A set of problems will be posted on WebWork each week. You will usually have about a week to do each assignment.

Computer Labs

Study Resources

Past Final Exams

Past Final Exams with Hints and Full Solutions

MLC. The MLC is a study space with graduate TAs offering free math help.

Philosophy and Advice

My role as instructor of this course is to support you in learning and demonstrating your understanding of the course content. Lectures, review sessions and all other interactions I have with you as a student are designed around this principle. If something is unclear in class, if you need help with a problem, or if you need study advice, please ask me. If you are feeling overwhelmed, please talk to me.

In class, we will focus on building a strong foundation of the fundamental skills and principles that you will learn to apply in this course. The examples presented in class will be chosen to simply and clearly demonstrate these skills and principles.

I believe that learning is a process that requires substantial practice applying the skills and principles introduced in class and the textbook. This practice will mainly come through solving the WebWork problems and studying for the exams.

When you study for an exam, solve sample exams, WebWork problems, and textbook problems. Solve (and re-solve) the problems until the process of solving them becomes automatic. By the time you write an exam, you should be able to solve these problems quickly and correctly without needing to check your notes. This is a goal you'll need to work up to. At first, you'll probably need to work through the problems by referring often to your notes.

Focus your studying in areas where you are weak. It is a waste of time to studying things you have already mastered. If there are certain types of problems you hope don't appear on the exam, those are exactly the problems you should practice.