Saul Lubkin

Professor of Mathematics

Office: Hylan 705
Office Hours: On Manday, April 1, Office hours will be 3-4:20PM; all other Mondays and Wednesdays: Mon Wed 10:20 - 11:20, or by appointment
Phone: (585) 733-3537
Fax: (585) 244-6631


Mth162, Calculus IIA, MW 9:00-10:15, Hylan 202

Course home page for Mth162, Spring, 2019

Mth165, Linera Algebra with Differential Equations, MW 4:50-6:05, Gavet 206

Course home page for Mth165, Spring, 2019

Mth391, Independent Study, CRN 89103

Research Interests

Algebraic Geometry

Homological Algebra

Commutative Algebra

Algebraic Topology

Links to some useful papers

On Several Points of Homological Algebra, by Alexandre Grothendieck

Algebraic Coherent Sheaves, by Jean Pierre Serre

A well-written paper about sheaves

An addendum to Kelley's "General Topology" written by myself that constructs the completion of a uniform space directly without using metrization theorems.

Imbedding of Abelian Categories, by Saul Lubkin: A paper that reduces proving many theorems in abelian categories to the case of the category of abelian groups.

Current Research

The paper below constructs a $p$-adic cohomology theory on algebraic varieties in characteristic $p$, that appears to be superior to all other $p$-adic cohomology theories so far constructed (For example, for Euclidean space of dimension $n$ over a ring $A$ in characteristic $p$, it is isomorphic to EXACTLY the de Rham cohomology of Euclidean space of dimension $n$ over $W_(A)$: there is no extra torsion, and, a foriori, no topological torsion. $W_(A)$ is a subring of $W(A)$ that I call the bounded Witt vectors on $A$.). I am currently doing research to extend the results of this paper.

Generalization of p-adic cohomology; bounded Witt vectors. A canonical lifting of a variety in charecteristic p back to characteristic zero, by Saul Lubkin.