A Deep Text and a Simple Text:  Compare and Contrast.




1.       IMMUNITY CAN ALSO BE CONCEIVED in terms of shared specificities; of the semi-permeable self able to engage with other (human and non-human, inner and outer), but always with finite consequences; of situated possibilities and impossibilities of individuation and identification; and of partial fusions and dangers.  The problematic multiplicities of postmodern selves, so potently figured AND repressed in the lumpy discourses of immunology, must be brought into other emerging Western and multi-cultural discourses on health, sickness, individuality, humanity, and death.


______ from Donna J. Haraway, Biopolitics of Postmodern Bodies,  SIMIANS,

CYBORGS, AND WOMEN: THE REINVENTION (New York: Routledge, 1991), p225.





2.       WALK A FEW STEPS AWAY FROM THE FACULTIES OF SCIENCE, engineering, and medicine. Walk towards the faculty of arts. Here, you will meet

another world, one where falsities and lies are manufactured in industrial quantities. Here, some professors are hired, promoted, or given power for teaching that reason is worthless, empirical evidence unnecessary, objective truth nonexistent, basic science a tool of either capitalists or male domination, and the like. Here, we find people who reject all the knowledge painstakingly acquired over the past 5 million years. . . . This fraud has got to be stopped, in the name of intellectual honesty. Let them do whatever they please, but not in schools, because schools are supposed to be places of learning.


          We should expel these charlatans from the university.


______ Mario Bunge, professor of philosophy and head of the Foundations and

Philosophy of Science Unit at McGill University in Montreal.  The quotation is taken from his lecture at the conference "The Flight from Science and Reason" sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences on 31 May - 2 June 1995.


          For an example of what Professor Bunge had in mind, see Text 1 above.


Ralph A. Raimi

December 10, 2004