1898‑1950, A History


by Ralph A. Raimi


     Philomathic was founded in 1898 by twelve boys of high school age, who as Jews could not expect to be invited to join the debating society of their Detroit high school.  The club they founded then flourished independent of school or synagogue for over fifty years, and its alumni include an honor roll of Detroit civic leaders.  What was the engine of its suc­cess and why did it die?


            "This is a history of unusual interest not only for Detroit Jewry but for the city of Detroit."


                ...Philip Slomovitz in The Detroit Jewish News.


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      ŠRalph A. Raimi 1991,  ISBN 0‑9609370‑1‑3, The Philomathic Debating Club is paperbound, 5" X 8.5", xii + 153 pages, including twelve illustrations taken from Minutes of Meetings, Programs of Oratorical Contests, etc.