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I am a mathematics graduate student at the University of Rochester.

Cirriculum Vitae


Multiplayer Rock-Paper-Scissors (short paper appearing in the conference proceedings of Algebras and Lattices in Hawai'i 2018)
The Topology of Magmas (senior thesis)
Nonnormal Quotients (undergraduate independent study project)
Tiling sets and spectral sets over finite fields (with 2015 REU group at UR)




Multiplayer Rock-Paper-Scissors (Algebras and Lattices in Hawai'i 2018)
Multiplayer Rock-Paper-Scissors (University of Rochester Graduate Student Seminar 2018 Spring)
Universal Algebra and Boolean Semilattices (Binghamton University's Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology 2017)
A Brief Introduction to Universal Algebra (University of Rochester Graduate Student Seminar 2017 Fall)
The Topology of Magmas (Senior thesis presentation)
Relational Structures as Directed Hypergraphs (Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics 2017)
The Topology of Magmas (National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2016)
Topological Algebra: On Viewing Operations as Simplicial Complexes (National Conference for McNair Scholars 2016)
Constructions of Geometric Objects Encoding Algebraic Structures (David T. Kearns Center Research Symposium 2015)




A proof that everything can be described using mathematics: Recall that mathematics is the study of abstract relationships. Suppose towards a contradiction that there is some thing, say A, which is not describable in terms of math. "X is not describable in terms of Y" is a relationship between X and Y. We have then exhibited a relationship between A and math, which is a mathematical descriptor of A, contradicting our assumption that A was not amenable to such descriptions.

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