Hi, I am Wayne.

This web page would be useful for my current students who take 161. If you are looking for my research and CV, please go here.

Important Information.

Who is Wayne?

Schedule of my recitation.

The courses are 75 mins for each one, and you can register any following one.

Important date in this semester.

Date Event Location Material
02/23 First Midterm TBA Sections 5.1-5.5, 6.1-6.5, 7.1-7.5
03/13-03/17 Spring break    
03/30 Second Midterm TBA Sections 7.8, 8.1-8.2, 10.1-10.3
04/11 Last day to withdraw    
05/03 Classes end    
05/08 4:00 - 7:00 PM Final TBA All

Course notes and important announcement.

Couse Policy & Grading Policy

Solution of 2004 Midterm 1

Solution of 2005 Practice Midterm

Solution of 2007 Midterm 1

Solution of 2007 Practice Midterm 1

Note for Midterm 1

Suggestions for the spring break

Animation for picturing the r-theta function on the Euclidean coordinate

I didn't check my answer, so don't surprice when you find errors!
Week Note Solutions Worksheet
1 Note_1_Math162 Solutions_1_Math162 Worksheet1
2 Note_2_Math162 Solutions_2_Math162 Worksheet2
3 Note_3_Math162 Solutions_3_Math162 Worksheet3
4 Note_4_Math162 Solutions_4_Math162 Worksheet4
5 Note_5_Math162 Solutions_5_Math162 Worksheet5
6 Note_6_Math162 Solutions_6_Math162 Worksheet6
7 Note_7_Math162 Solutions_7_Math162 Worksheet7