Mingcong Zeng

updated Oct. 31, 2017

Contact Information

Office: Hylan 718

E-mail: mzeng6@ur.rochester.edu

Phone Number:(585)-754-6048


Stable Homotopy Theory and Equivariant Homotopy Thoery

About Me

I am currently a last year graduate student under Professor Ravenel. My main interest is computations in chromatic homotopy theory and equivariant homotopy theory. My thesis is about computation around slice filtration and equivariant Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectra. Here are my CV and research statement.


Preprints here are usually updated more frequently than in arXiv.

RO(G)-graded homotopy Mackey functor of HZ for C_{p^2}. preprint.

In this paper we compute RO(G)-graded homotopy of Mackey functor of HZ, which is used to compute various slice spectral sequences. We use four different ways to compute and explain the result. These methods use the Mackey functor and its homological algebra in an essential way.