Probability, Ergodic Theory, Mathematical Physics


Permanent Faculty

Mark Herman
Math physics, Schrodinger operators.
Arjun Krishnan
First-passage percolation, KPZ universality, stochastic homogenization.
Sevak Mkrtchyan
Asymptotic representation theory, asymptotic combinatorics, random tilings, determinantal point processes and random matrix theory.
Carl Mueller
Stochastic partial differential equations.
Juan Rivera-Letelier
Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, statistical properties and the thermodynamic formalism, equidistribution on manifolds

Permanent Faculty (Physics Dept., Joint with Math)

Sarada G. Rajeev
High energy physics, string theory, nonlinear optics, quantum information theory, Yang-Mills theory, noncommutative geometry and probability.
Yonathan Shapir
Condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics, critical phenomena in disordered systems.

Emeritus Faculty

Richard Lavine
Functional analysis, quantum mechanics, PDEs.

Postdoctoral Faculty

Ian Alevy
Statistical mechanics, probability, discrete geometry and discrete dynamical systems
Kazuo Yamazaki
Stochastic differential equations, fluid dynamics, and biology.

Graduate students

Past Graduate Students

Recent Graduate Courses

Fall 2018
Topics Course
Professor: Arjun Krishnan
Spring 2018
Regular Graduate Course: Stochastic Processes
Professor: Arjun Krishnan
Fall 2017
Basic Graduate Course: Probability
Professor: Sevak Mkrtchyan
Spring 2017
Topics Course: Random Matrices
Professor: Sevak Mkrtchyan
Fall 2016
Basic Graduate Course: Probability
Professor: Juan Rivera-Letelier
Fall 2015
Topics Course: Statistical mechanics, the dimer model
Professor: Sevak Mkrtchyan
Fall 2015
Topics Course: Arithmetic Equidistribution
Professor: Juan Rivera-Letelier
Fall 2014
Basic Graduate Course: Probability
Professor: Sevak Mkrtchyan
Fall 2014
Topics Course: Stochastic Calculus
Professor: Carl Mueller