Past Graduate Students

(back to 1988)

Year Name Adviser Position
2017 Kevin Lin Mueller Data Scientist at Upstart
2016 Vyacheslav Kiria-Kaiserberg Mueller Prognos Inc
2015 Meg Walters Starr Allstate Insurance
2014 Zhuang Hou Mueller Prognos Inc
2013 Yan Zeng Mueller Data scientist at Didi Dache Co.
2012 Alejandro Gomez Mueller Head of Market Risk LATAM, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services
2008 Huibin Li Mueller Applied Math Department, Central University of Finance and Economics, China
  Haijun Huang Mueller Director, Department of Statistics and finance, Guangxi University of Science and Technology
2007 Lei Liang Mueller 40/86 Advisors
  Naiji Lu Mueller Assistant Professor, UR Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
  Heng Xue Mueller Essent Guaranty
  Zhixin Wu Mueller Associate Professor, DePauw University
  Xi Zhao Mueller Novartis Pharmaceutical
2006 Rui Chen Mueller Amazon
  Bin Fang Mueller Mass Mutual Financial
2004 Xing Qiu Cranston Assistant Professor, UR Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
2001 Matt Coppenbarger Lavine Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
1998 Tianpei Huang Cranston Deceased
  Qingji Yang Cranston Arthur Anderson Corp.
1997 Jung-Soon Hyun Lavine Yeungnam University, Korea
1996 Nora Franzova Mueller Assistant Professor, Langara College
1994 Chien-Hung Chang Cranston Applied Mathematics, The Providence University, Taiwan
1993 Ricardo Fajardo Mueller  
1992 Chy-Bong Chung Mueller Professor, SoonChunHyang University, Korea
  In-Suk Kim Lavine Won Kwang University, Korea
1991 Gabriela Sanchis Mueller Professor, Elizabethtown College
1989 Sam Northshield Mueller Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh
1988 James Conklin Cranston Associate Professor, Ithaca College
  Li Liu Mueller Associate Professor, Tunghai University, Taiwan
  Min-Jei Huang Lavine National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Graduates from earlier years may be found using the Mathematics Genealogy Project, from which some of this data was compiled.