Life in the department


We are a small and friendly department. The most social activities is in the math lounge on the 9th floor. The department provides coffee during staffs’ working time (not free actually). The espresso machine is maintained by Prof. Mueller, and you can email him to set up an account to use it.

Ms. McKnight(Hazel) usually sets up the cookie plate for us at 3:00 pm (the duration depends on what the cookie is) during weekdays. There are three major parties in an academic year. At the beginning of the fall semester, we will have a welcome party. Then, there is a party to celebrate the end of the year. The spring BBQ party will be held near the end of the spring semester. You will get notification from Ms. Gaelens(Maureen) or the department chair about when and where of these parts.

AMS graduate student chapter organizes graduate student happy hour. We hope we can have it held regularly, but it will depend on how many people want to join. We will let you know as soon as we have a plan.

Finally, you probably don’t want to miss emails sending to the graduate student list(MATH_GRADS@LISTS.ROCHESTER.EDU). You may get a tutoring opportunity, free pizza notification, and yearly free give-away iMac. GSC also creates a Slack group for you to join. Please check out here and use your ur email to sign in.

  1. Cookie time: 3:00pm every day;

  2. Find Prof. Mueller if you’d like to use the espresso machine;

  3. Graduate student happy hour: TBD;

  4. Check out emails sending to MATH_GRADS;

  5. Join our slack group!

Graduate student seminar

Graduate student seminar is a regular seminar in the department. The organizer of 2020 school year is Lucas. You can email him if you would like to give a talk. For new graduate students, you could find your research interests from the seminar. The most important thing for all graduate students is we provide free pizza after every seminar.

Support in the department

Don’t hesitate to ask questions to our department staffs. For general problems or you don’t know who should ask for your questions, you can go to find Ms. Spencer(Cynthia). If you need a textbook for the course that you grade or TA for the semester, you can also borrow one from her office.

Ms. Gaelens(Maureen) can help you with your travel funding. You have 500 dollars to spend on your travel expense to a conference from our department each year. If you have support from your advisor or other source of funding, Ms. Gaelens also deals with all the documentation.

In Ms. Mcknight’s office, you can find all kinds of office supplies you need or even you don’t need. You can also order Prof. Jochnowitz(Naomi)’s special offer Domino’s pizza from Ms. Mcknight for your activity (Please don’t order it as your meal). If you need a classroom on the 11th floor for your reading courses or any academic activities, you need to book a room from her.

The department’s IT technician is Mr. Firooznia(Hoss). He will set up your department’s account and password so that you can use the department’s printer and access our server.

Life in the campus

We suggest you visit the school website first to find information about health insurance, housing and orientation.

There are three major dining places in the campus, Douglass, Wilson Commons(The Pit) and Danforth. Danforth has a special deal (50% off) on Monday and Thursday. On every Tuesday, you can buy a cheap hamburger (1 dollar or 2 dollars for each) by the Wilson Blvd. outside Hutchison Hall.

Life in Rochester

This has a lot of popular things to do.