UR Putnam team ranked 18th in North America

The results of the 79th annual Putnam Competition which took place in December 2018 have just been announced.

The University of Rochester team, formed by freshman Phuc Lam, sophomore Trung Nguyen, and senior Zachary Polansky, was ranked 18th among more than 400 teams registered for this contest. This is yet another strong showing of the Rochester team, which previously placed 10th (2008), 12th (2010), 14th (2009), 15th (2011, 2016), and 17th (2013, 2015).

In the individual competition, Phuc and Zachary were both ranked 158th and Trung placed 377th out of 4623 participants. Additionally, Abascal Jackson and Nikola Danevski turned in meritorious performances.

Most of the training of these students is done through the Problem Solving Seminar (MTH 190), run each fall by Professor Dan Geba, who is also the coach of the Rochester team.