Jonathan Pakianathan

Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D. in Mathematics, Princeton University, 1997.

B.S. in Mathematics and Physics, Caltech, 1992.

809 Hylan Hall
(585) 275-2216

jonathan dot pakianathan at rochester period ed u

Office Hours:
Tue 10AM-11AM. (MTH440)
Tue 11AM-Noon. (MTH165)
Thur 11AM-Noon. (MTH165)
Thur Noon-1PM. (MTH440)

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Research Overview

Algebraic topology, cohomology of groups and Lie Algebras. I am currently very interested in applications of topology and algebra in areas of discrete geometry and work intensively with Alex Iosevich and his students.

Graduate Students Past and Present

Some past courses taught

Selected Publications