You have reached the Web page of Professor Ralph A. Raimi of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. There are only six links to choose from:

The first of them, Identities, will produce for you a list of addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email numbers and www numbers by which you or others can reach some ethereal aspect of myself.  It includes an engaging photograph of myself in characteristic aspect. From there, other departmental and mathematical links may be established.

The second of them, Non-technical Writings, will produce for you a list of non-technical writings by myself -- or sometimes others, with my commentary added -- from which you may select at will.

The third, Notes on science or math education, will contain a list of essays intended for teachers of mathematics and others with some knowledge of the subject, though some of them require very little.

The fourth, Newmath Essays and Drafts, will provide an ever-changing supply of fragments taken from my files on the history of The New Math, fragments that might yet converge to a book.

The fifth, Academic Dishonesty in College, will lead you to a genuine and complete book, written by me in 1989 but not published in print. For those not interested in a whole book on such a bleak subject I recommend Appendix 2, an autobiographical note on how I got mixed up in the subject in the first place. It is a good story, and not intended to persuade the reader to read the whole book.

The sixth, Curriculum Vitae, will provide background information for those desperate to find out how I got that way.

Note to readers: There is some overlap between the set of essays styled “technical”  and those styled “non-technical”, because all the essays that concern mathematics or mathematics education are included under the “technical” rubric even though some among them do not in fact require technical expertise to read; these latter will hence appear on the “non-technical” side as well.