Alex McDonald

Graduate Student

Office 908 Hylan Building


I am a graduate student at the University of Rochester. My advisor is Alex Iosevich. I am interested in geometric combinatorics, harmonic analysis, and geometric measure theory. Much of my work has been related to Erdos-Falconer type distance problems, both in the continuous setting and in vector spaces over finite fields. I am also interested in geometric incidences and similar problems in geometric combinatorics.


You can find my CV here.

My publications

  1. Congruence classes of large configurations in vector spaces over finite fields. Accepted for publication in Functiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici

  2. Areas of triangles and SL_2 actions in finite rings. BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Mathematics Series, Computer science, Mechanics, No.2 (127) / 2019