Anurag Sahay


Welcome to my academic webpage. This page is mostly a subset of my personal webpage, which can be found here.

With Prof. Shobha Madan at the IITK Convocation, 2016 

I am (as of January, 2020) a PhD student of Prof. Steve Gonek in the Department of Mathematics, University of Rochester.

For academic and UoR related matters, you can contact me at my University email. My office is Hylan 718 on the River Campus.

Please go through the sidebar for other information. If you see any errors, do let me know.

Recent News

  • [27-Feb-2020]: gave two talks (1, 2) in the UoR Combinatorics Seminar on 25th Feb, 2020 and 27th Feb, 2020.

  • [01-Jun-2019]: passed my prelims!

  • [12-May-2019]: declared Prof. Steve Gonek as my doctoral adviser.

  • [29-Aug-2018]: joined the mathematics PhD program at the University of Rochester.