Firdavs Rakhmonov

Graduate Student

Office: 1103 Hylan Building
Office hours: Wednesday, 5-6 pm
Fax: (585) 273-4655
E-mail: frakhmon at ur dot rochester period edu


I am second year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics, University of Rochester.

My interests are analytic number theory and trigonometric and orthogonal series. Right now I am mostly reading the books A.Zygmund “Trigonometric series” and A.A.Karatsuba “Analytic number theory”.

My advisor is Prof. Alex Iosevich.

Courses which I am currently teaching:

Fall 2018: Math 265 (Real Analysis)

Spring 2019: Math 240 (General Topology)

Fall 2019: Math 164 (Multivariable calculus)