Jonathan Passant

Graduate Student
Advisor: Alex Iosevich
Office 710 Hylan
E-mail: jpassant at ur dot rochester period edu


Here is my CV.


My research interests lie in the areas of geometric combinatorics, geometric incidence theory and geometric measure theory. In particular questions that arise from studying the structures of discrete point sets in real spaces. My main interest thus far has been studying variants of the famous Erdős distance problem, with a view to understanding how the amazing result of Guth and Katz can be deployed in higher dimensions or on different realisations of distances in the plane.

My publications

  1. Finite Point Configurations In The Plane, Rigidity And Erdős Problems, joint with Alex Iosevich. Published in J. Proc. Steklov Inst. Math. (2018) 303: 129. Arxiv Link.

  2. A multi-parameter variant of the Erdős distance problem (2017), joint with Alex Iosevich and Maria Janczak. Arxiv Link.